Nature and walkers

Nestled within the iconic Dandenong National Park, our venue is perfectly placed for those seeking to connect with nature.

We regularly host groups who have an interest in the natural beauty of the surrounding district of Chestnut Hill Conference Lodge.

It is a particular favourite for photography groups and walkers who base themselves here to explore and enjoy the forest and hill walks of the Dandenong Ranges.

With comfortable accommodation and catering facilities within the venue itself, groups can set off from our Kallista base and take advantage of the surrounding countryside.  We have a range of guides and information packs relating to attractions for the general nature seekers to the more experienced ramblers and walkers.

The surrounding forests and hills offer beautiful scenery for specialist groups such as astronomers, writers, photographers and artists.

Savour everything that the Dandenongs offer and return to base in the evening to enjoy the warm accommodation,  hospitality and food that Chestnut Hill Conference Lodge provides.

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